Destination Rocha

Ocean beaches on the coast of Rocha 

Summering here is a real therapy for the mind and body.

From La Paloma and its emblematic Lighthouse with its characteristics of vacation city par excellence, to the stunning beauty of La Pedrera and geomorphology, to Cabo Polonio and its spectacular dune monuments.
Aguas Dulces and Barra de Valizas, with its peculiar conformation population and its natural landscapes, Punta del Diablo, untamed rocky home of reckless fishermen in love with the sea and their bravery. The Santa Teresa National Park and its exotic and historical environment, "La Coronilla" and its hotel capacity, Barra del Chuy with the bonhomie of its people.

Each one with their unique characteristics and unique beauty of ocean beaches in Uruguay.

Map of Rocha


La Paloma

The holiday village La Paloma is one of the main attractions of the Uruguayan Atlantic coast. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Santa Maria, and its beaches cover an area of approximately 20 km. The magic of the ocean combined with the quiet residential building of La Paloma, full of free spaces, gardens and pine groves by the sea, make this holiday village a great place. The variety of possibilities that La Paloma offers is very wide, from the tranquility of its beaches to the rage of the huge waves.

We can simply enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, playing sports like surfing or just do nothing and enjoy the wonderful sunset.

La Pedrera

The holiday village La Pedrera is a small, quiet and exclusive spot located on the banks of a rocky cord on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, to 230 km from Montevideo. Because of the cliff, many say that La Pedrera is like a beautiful balcony overlooking the sea. It is also said that on this site clocks and mirrors do not work (you eat when hungry and wear the dress that you like).
Except for the ocean and the night life, the rest is all peace, harmony and tranquility. Here we can choose between rest or move from reading a good book to confront and challenge the sea.
In times of low season, between the months of July to October, we can appreciate the wonderful spectacle of the whales, on their way to elsewhere.

Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is a rocky point that stands 15 meters above the ocean, with two inhabited islands across one of the largest reserves of sea lions in the world.


Until recently, you could only access it in horse cart, or simply walking down the huge dunes or along the ocean for three long hours.
It has been said many times that due to the inability to access it cars, the legendary Polonius kept that aura of peace and intense nature.
The great beaches of Cabo Polonio offer sun, safe waters and an exceptional view. The stay in this place produces a mood of very special peace.

Barra de Valizas

It has the air of a fishing village and country simultaneously. It overlooks the sea and near the mouth of the creek of the same name in the Atlantic.

From Valizas, crossing the stream, easily accessible to Cerro Bella Vista, a granite promontory almost covered by sand, from where it can be seen, as well as the name says, a spectacular landscape.
Its buildings of wood and thatch in addition to beautify this legendary holiday village, is a good achievement by the rustic architecture from local raw materials.
Taking a boat on the river, it can be covered up to the forest ombúes. The tour of the river to the Laguna de Castillos, with the boatman and guide, offers a great natural beauty.

Aguas Dulces

Its origin is based on ranches or cabins that the inhabitants of Castillos (one of main nearby towns) were built facing the sea.

Despite the strength of storms, Aguas Dulces persisted in the middle of gigantic and deserted beaches. Although there has been a sustained stream of tourists in recent years.
But it not for this reason has ceased to retain the air of popular village, with its main street parallel to the sea and the telluric line of wooden huts on the beach.
The pace of Aguas Dulces is the walks, the search for cockles buried on the shore, the preparation of mate while sitting in the sand watching the sea.

Punta del Diablo

It's a real fishing village where its inhabitants remained isolated and doomed to shark fishing for years.

In recent years many visitors have discovered the great personality of this village perched on a rocky point where the sea has sculpted to create almost perfect round shapes and strange stone seas.
The informal but attractive architecture with the people was created, it gave continuity to this rustic, village sea.
The beaches are spectacular; Brava is the southwest, with waves that cut special blue-green. It is ideal for children Mansa Beach, a quiet and huge wind sheltered bay.

La Coronilla and Barra del Chuy


La Coronilla holiday village is one of the pioneers of tourism in this region. It also has a very good offer in terms of hotels and restaurants.
Near the border with Brazil, is the holiday village Barra del Chuy, a tourist destination rather chosen among Brazilian visitors.
Then there is the Chuy, small border town that has become famous for its free shops and the possibility of shopping.

All this in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa Park, the Fort of San Miguel and other natural beauties like swamps, lagoons and palm groves.


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