Destination Termas

Thermal tourism in northern Uruguay  

Termas del Arapey - Thermal center

80 km north on Route 3 is the largest thermal bath Salto: Arapey. Immersed in a beautiful and lush landscape with spectacular water vegetable gardens through which the water runs between stones and whispering beneath picturesque bridges, it constitutes a genuine and charming Eden.

Termas de Guaviyú - Thermal center


The thermal bath Guaviyú river are located at km. 441 of Route 3 North. It is a thermal tourist complex administered by the Municipal Government of Paysandu. The water has an average temperature of 38 ° C, it is distributed in six rectangular and circular pools. The depth does not exceed two meters. The high mineral content componenetes as calcium, magnesium, potassium and fluorine, attributed to these waters healing and sedative properties. Ideal for the rest surrounded by an open nature natural gentle rolling grasslands.

Termas de Salto Grande - Thermal center

Being 10 km from the city of Salto is the thermal bath, in a beautiful park of 218 hectares on the banks of the lake. There is a casino and is equipped with lighted tennis courts, paddle and soccer, with the ability to travel around by bicycle, sulky, horse, or long and pleasant walks. Furthermore, the three thermal pools, with their exceptional views and all the amenities that gives you a 5 star hotel with spa.

Termas del Daymán - Thermal center

Daymán is the hottest thermal bath. 42 ° C temperature arises from the rock, pure and mineralized water, ideal for crenotherapy. On arrival, we received paradise: flowers, trees and water, all united in a geography that lies perfect. The natural landscape of the shores of Daymán river, the flowery gardens and shaded groves surrounding the resort 10 pools, different temperatures of its waters allow the right choice, from cold to 42 ° C .


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